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Problem Submitting Rules
Hello. If you are encountered with problems during the game, please send us e-mails( referring to the following format. We will ascertain the situation and deal with it as soon as possible during our work hours which are 2:00 to 11:00 (UTC), Monday to Friday.
Problem Types: Account Issues, Recharge Issues, Game Bugs, Suggestion and Report Players, Other Issues (choose one)
Problem Occurrence Time:
Account Role Name:
Account Role ID:
System Type of the Device: Android or iOS
Account E-mail Address:
Problem Description:
If you have
  Recharge Issues, please provide your Recharge Order Numbers.
Problem Screenshot:
Residential Country:
We will deal with the problems you submit as soon as possible during our work time. If they are about
 Game Bugs or Suggestion, you can also leave us comments in the relevant section of our forum. Follow our Facebook for more informations.

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