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Pre-battle Guides: How to Get Warships
Ahoy Captains!
Ready to sail?

Before that, do you have the perfect fleet to fight?

Chest is the most important access to Warships, and there are two main ways to get chests.

1.      Exploration Ships
You have 3 Exploration Ships on your sea surface. Each of them costs Sea Stones to begin exploring. You get Sea Stones from battles. When the explorations are done, one ship will bring you back one chest.

[Image: TzY8B5SHPx4mvOwgAnljN4aY4nDfVh52r7vGfjYL...CmqL3DVm2R]
[Image: AxH1OupN_mxpdiY7dJ0RHKDgmWpJBdlOulu7HJLn...DqfzQXyUyo]
[Image: BR_2aL5eGi2TCwCbfI14KoGqdRwqAFQgvLsiaH6W...gVBgPuRe16]
[Image: A2d0kw9D6ty2FJNhIjMvg1zxG2rWeC10G429_C-E...DbXUFDTJj0]

The Exploration Ship and the Elite Exploration ship are unlocked, while the Master Exploration Ship takes 3000 gems to unlock. But you can also rent it using the Hero Medals. You can get Hero Medals by sinking enemy ships in battles.

2.      Shop
The Shop provides 4 different qualities of chests.

[Image: 6x19Ev_84zW1EvcNMqiczgDO9hcy6xDcRVg6HreS...LM3XAkFIdo]

It’s worth mentioning that the Iron Chest in the Shop takes 20 Hero Medals to buy. You can buy 2 Iron Chests every day. The latter three kinds of chests cost you gems to buy. Of course the more expensive ones contain higher quality of Warships.

The Warships that the chest contains are random, of course.

But how to get your favored warship?

[Image: gDRiIAT-dKPRJQxZQIKmulUxnKphEXtZZCqQ2tCZ...tdkik-lP6q]

The shop also provides Warships. If there are any Warship you desire, you can buy it using Gold. The Warships page of the Shop refreshes every 24h. After the refresh, the species of the Warships will change.
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