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Ming wanli qinghua milk foot furnace
During the wanli period of the Ming dynasty, it was the period of the decline of the Ming dynasty, the political dark and corrupt, the aristocrats' extravagance, the famine and the famine, the people were hungry and cold, and the social contradictions were unprecedentedly intensified. In the reign of emperor wanli, who reigned for 47 years, he was the longest reigning emperor of the Ming dynasty, and he was willing to use a lot of manpower and material resources to build his own dingling. The quality of porcelain during the Ming dynasty was also worsened by the incompetence of the government.
It is a typical representative of the technology of the time, from jingdezhen kiln. It is 22 cm in diameter, 9 cm high, with a peony pattern of green and white parrots.
In daily life, the parrot is a beloved lucky bird, feather gorgeous, with a figure of perfect elegance, bright and after domestication can imitate the chattering, the home of the ancient gift-it and scholarly family were feeding the bird as a pet, it is the symbol of status, wealth and cultural quality and performance. The parrot's eyes are bright, his lips are tight, he is flying to the place he wants to fly. Make the finishing point effect on this, the parrot, parrot wings to fly with the spring breeze in the riches and honor peony together, do a static, a combination of these, stereo sense is very strong, the whole picture so vivid and natural, pure and fresh and free from vulgarity, presents the enthusiastic, bold and unrestrained humanity.
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