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What Is Your Favorite Strategy?
Shield, bomber, revenge...

So many powerful skills, and to combine with your talents of conquering the sea, your own genre is born!
There are quantities of strategies in this game, and here we listed 3 common ones.
Share your experience.
Or if your genre is not mentioned by us, leave comments below.

A. Shields Genre
[Image: hd1.jpg]
The HP of Energy Shield is no less than 2, which means it will take your opponent several rounds to break it with regular attack. The Shield protects your fleet from many kinds of damage but also usually needs high energy points to cast. Warships with energy-increasing skills can be good helpers.
Shield Killer: completely destroys the Energy Shield and hits the grid below it.
Torpedo: directly destroys the Shield when it hits the Shield carrier.
Burst bomb: attack the center of the area and sputters the surrounding grids. One thing to mention is that the burst bomb can destroy the shield but the fragments can not. Aim precisely!

[Image: hdjn2.jpg]

B. Fightback Genre
[Image: fj2.jpg]
There are many strike-back skills in this game. Most of them deal considerable damages, while others have special effect like “forcibly end the opponent's turn”when the warship gets hit. Therefore, this strategy doesn't require high energy. The moment you get hit is also your opponent's payback time.

1. As is known, every warship has one active skill and one passive skill. Most Strikeback skills are passive, meaning 
that there is no room for other useful passive skills, such as waters extend or energy-increasing.
2. Strikeback effects won't be triggered if your warship is damaged by Critical Strike, Firebomb or opponent's Strikeback skills.
[Image: fjjn2.jpg]

C. Waters Genre
[Image: hy3.jpg]

Build your fleet based on warships with Waters Extend or Alliance Fleet as passive skill. If you use this strategy we advise you to go with the spell “Hope Light”. This spell allows you to select one grid to deploy a Lifeboat (size=1) on your free waters, making it very hard to locate without skills like “Perception”. Please note the Lifeboat will self-destruct after 3 rounds. You'll not lose the game before the Lifeboat gets destroyed.
Warships with Waters Extend or Alliance Fleet are essential in this build, thus some active skills of your fleet are fixed. Choose the rest wisely. = )
[Image: hyjn3.jpg]
To learn more stats:
My team is mix up from Sheild, fightback and water extend:
2 Defense system from Lothar Sheild and Iron Palate.2 Sheild creator from Doom Hammer and Eternal Guaridan.Total i have 5 sheild(1 from Magic Sheild)
1 warship with water Extend skill.
Other ship:Aoe skill Smile
Id: 80228
Waters ftw Big Grin
my UID: 96598
My ship mix with shield and water extend.
Kirk ID:89213

Im using shield and shielder ships with anti air and ati torpedo ships and some water extenders and an energy recover ship...

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ID 73673
I have mixed strategy which are water extend, shield and strike back with majority passive strike back skill. However I think that 1 more main strategy is available, which is detect and strike, active skills to detect actual location and aoe strike.
Water Generation with shields is what i use
Water generation with aoe skill is what i use
ID: 105445
Fightback is the best
Water Genre

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