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SailCraft MOD Team Recruitment
SailCraft MOD Team Recruitment
Dear captains, SailCraft MOD Team is officially recruiting! We now sincerely welcome you to join our MOD team!

What Is MOD
o communicate better with all players, we are recruiting some enthusiastic captains as MODs, who will assist and guide new captains to explore and master the game rapidly. You need to have enough knowledge of SailCraft, language proficiency, and more important, dedication to become a MOD.

How to Apply
You may send your application to us via FB inbox or forum in the following form:

Game Level:
Something you want to say to us:

Job Description
1. Help other players with their problems on forum and Facebook, report timely to the team
2. Monitor server status and help with testing
3. Draft Facebook and forum events, and make it live with the management's permission

1. In game level 7 or above
2. Great passion and patience to help
3. Able to use the APP "Wechat" to communicate with the official team
4. Need to be proficient in English if you are applying for a Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian MOD.

MODs are to be paid with diamonds weekly.
Extra bonus will be awarded for good performance.

Captains who are interested in this job, please do not hesitate to contact us. Looking forward to hearing from you!
Applying for MOD position

Italian = mother tongue
English= fluent

ID: 90363
level: 14/ soon 15

I love the game and i would like to help.
Languages:Vietnamese + English
Game Level:14
[Image: 19126348_1746559662022583_1091551261_o.p...e=59412EC9]
Languages : Español ( i'm from Argentina)
English : Basic

ID :132897
Nivel 9

I would like to be able to give a help to every person who speaks Spanish, and to be able to be on par with many moderators, to make events and to excel in teamwork.
Languages: English (fluent)
UID: 173642
Game Level: 9 soon 10
Something you want to say to us: I am loving the game, its a great down time activity. I am open, honest helpful and unbiased and would simply love the opportunity to grow with the game while being of help to others.
Languages: Extremely fluent in English
UID: 109801
Game Level: 10
Something you want to say to us: This game already offers so much depth of content, but has even more potential to grow into something better. I want to help facilitate the growth of the game & community by providing honest feedback and opinions. I have already tried to help increase awareness through my very small youtube channel. I do not want MOD to promote myself by any means, so if you think it is a conflict of interests I understand. However, I hope you consider me for a MOD position and would love to help in every way possible! Smile
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